Brain Imaging Seminar Series: Otto Karnath. 3pm Georgia Tech, 250 Coon

The architecture of visual recognition in the human brain – contributions from fMRI and stroke patients

Hans-Otto Karnath, Section for Neuropsychology, Center of Neurology, University of Tuebingen Tuebingen, Germany

Based on a body of behavioral and anatomical studies, Ungerleider & Mishkin (1982) and Milner & Goodale (1995) suggested the existence of a ventral occipitotemporal “what” pathway and of a dorsal occipitoparietal “where” pathway of visual information processing. Disorder of visual recognition following stroke lesions as well as functional imaging in healthy subjects are used to uncover how the human brain recognizes visual objects, visual scences as well as our own body. The talk will give an overview of these different aspects and will reflect how they fit with the predictions of the dual stream model.