What: Brain Imaging Series Lecture
When: September 29, 2010 3:15-4:15pm
Who: Free, Open to the public
Where: Coon Building, room 250

Dr. Kate Revill, PhD
Department of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: Using ‘AA’ to automate SPM data analysis at CABI

This workshop will cover the basics of using the ‘automated analysis’ software package (http://www.cambridgeneuroimaging.com/aawiki/index.php?title=Main_Page) to analyze functional MRI data at CABI. AA (v3.01) was installed by Rhodri Cusack when he visited CABI in January. It is a MATLAB-based software package that does most of the heavy lifting involved in scripting SPM (5 or 8 ) data analysis- it’s very user-friendly (does not require extensive MATLAB programming experience) and quite useful. It handles everything from pre-processing to group-level analyses and can be run incrementally – new subjects or steps can be added without reprocessing existing data.

This workshop will cover how to get started with AA, how to set up your data processing tasklist and user script, how to set up and integrate first- and second-level models, and how to solve or resolve a few problems that might pop up from time to time. A hands-on component will be involved, but AA is only set up to run on CABI computers so you can either work on it after the workshop or come back later to try it on your own. Either way, stick around afterwards to socialize and talk science- food and beverages will be provided!