Affiliated Labs

Thackery Brown:  Memory Affect Planning Laboratory

Mukesh Dhamala:  Dhamala Group

Audrey Duarte:  Memory and Aging Lab

Randall Engle:  Attention and Working Memory Lab

Shella Keilholz:  Keilholz Lab

Tricia King:  Developmental Neuropsychology Across the Lifespan (DNP-ATL) Laboratory

Sharee Light:  Light Lab

Scott Moffat:  Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging Lab

Robin Morris:  Center for Research on Atypical Development and Learning (CRADL)

Dobromir Rahnev:  Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling lab

Eric Schumacher:  Cognitive Neuroscience at Tech Research Laboratory (CoNTRoL)

Erin Tully:  Feelings Lab

Jessica Turner:  Imaging Genetics and Informatics Laboratory

Mark Wheeler:  Wheeler Lab