The Center for Advanced Brain Imaging is a 6000 square foot facility dedicated to understanding brain function. The center is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. 

Our Scanner

The center houses a Siemens Prisma-Fit 3T MRI equipped with 20 & 32 channel head-coils for rapid parallel imaging of the brain.

  • A MRI compatible wheelchair is available for transport.
  • Wireless cardiac and respiration monitors allow physiological artifact correction.
  • Entry to the scanner requires passing through a FerrAlert Halo system. Traditional metal detectors are triggered by non-ferrous metals such as titanium implants. In contrast, this system specifically detects ferromagnetic material that could interact with the magnetic field. This reduces the chance of false-alarms, and also allows a sensitivity level that would be unsuitable for a conventional metal detector.
  • We have a PST MRI simulator that allows us to acclimatize participants to the confined and loud environment of the MRI scanner. This mock scanner is useful for training children to be comfortable in the scanner, and allows individuals to practice behavioral tasks.

Scanner-compatible Experiment Hardware

  • The Avotec Silent Vision 6060 is a computer projector. Because it is MRI compatible, it is mounted inside the scanner hall, and does not require a wave guide.
  • The Avotec Silent Scan 3100 stereo air-conduction headphones allow for audio stimulus delivery as well as participant communication.
  • The SR Research EyeLink 1000 Plus eyetracker allows us to track eye movements while participants are inside the scanner.
  • Our PST fiber optic response gloves allow particpants to make responses during scanning. Button presses are recorded using a USB output.
  • The Current Designs fORP response system allows particpants to make button presses or use a trackball while in the scanner. These communicate with a computer using USB.

Computing Resources

We have a state-of-the-art Linux cluster running Sun Grid Engine. Users can sit down at any workstation and harness the power of the entire cluster. We have a computer server with RAID backup for hosting data and ensuring data integrity.

Data analysis software

  • MRIcro, MRIcron, MRIcroGL, NPM, dcm2niix Tools for image viewing and format conversion.
  • FSL a complete toolkit for analyzing functional and structural MRI data.
  • AFNI includes robust tools for structural and functional imaging.
  • SPM a complete toolkit for analyzing functional and structural MRI data.
  • BrainVoyager Tools for fMRI analysis.
  • MedINRIA Excellent tools for DTI and general viewing.

Experiment presentation software

EEG System

32 Channel System


Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (tDCS)

tDCS can be delivered using a ActivaDose system

  • Maximum Voltage: 80 volts
  • Maximum Current: 4 mA