Fall 2016 Neuroscience Courses

Below are the currently available courses at both Georgia State and Georgia Tech for Neuroscience-related topics. This course list is subject to change and may not reflect the most up-to-date information available on each school’s registration site. Please contact your department of interest for questions.

Georgia State

NEUR 6010 – Neurobiology
Aaron Gregory Roseberry

NEUR 6015 – Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Charles D. Derby

NEUR 6020 – Cognitive Neuroscience

NEUR 6040 – Neuroethology
Paul S. Katz

NEUR 6100 – Developmental Neurobiology
Sarah L. Pallas

NEUR 6250 – Neuroscience of Memory
Marise Beverley Parent

NEUR 6330 – Functional Neuroimaging
Mukeshwar Dhamala

NEUR 6340 – Neurophysics
Gennady S. Cymblyuk

NEUR 6510 – Philosophy and Cognitive Science
David Stewart, Neil van Leeuwen

NEUR 8715 – Brains and Behavior Seminar
Anne Z Murphy

Georgia Tech

APPH 6400 – Human Neuroanatomy
Lewis Wheaton

BMED 7610 – Quantitative Neuroscience
Garrett Stanley

ECE 8803 – Dynamics of Neural Excitability
Robert Butera

PHYS 3803 – Special Topics: Neurophysics (Undergraduate)
Simon Sponberg and Flavio Fenton

PSYC 6011 – Cognitive Psychology
Dan Spieler

PSYC 6040 – Topics in Cognition and Brain Science (Brown Bag)
Dan Spieler

PSYC 6041 – Topics in Cognitive Aging (Brown Bag)
Audrey Duarte

PSYC 6042/8080 – Human Functional Neuroimaging
Mark Wheeler